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Accept Daily Podcast: Why are Yahoo execs jumping ship?

A look at Yahoo's executive exodus, and can social networks bride the digital divide?

The last week has seen a slew of high-level departures from Yahoo. What do they mean? CNET reporter Stephen Shankland breaks down the executive exodus--or as he calls it, "execudos."

Plus, new numbers from metrics firm ComScore show that in May, the battle of the social-networking sites may have gained a new front-runner: Facebook. It appears to have surpassed longtime rival MySpace in worldwide unique visitors for the first time.

And be sure to tune in Monday, when's Holly Jackson will talk to New York Post entertainment features writer Michael Kane about his new book Game Boys: Professional Videogaming's Rise from the Basement to the Big Time. Kane followed two of professional gaming's most well-known teams, Team 3D and CompLexity, as they fought for sponsorships, players, and the No. 1 spot in gaming.
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