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CNET News staff
Here are some developing stories now in sight. Full versions will follow shortly.

Antitrust "findings of fact" due soon
Microsoft said this afternoon that it had been contacted by the U.S. District Court and that Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson will issue his "findings of fact" in the antitrust trial at 3:30 p.m. PT. The document is expected to be more than 200 pages, Microsoft said.
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Oracle courts Web start-ups
Oracle today will unveil a new software package, which will include its database and development tools that are geared for Web start-ups. The new Oracle.com Suite includes the Oracle 8i database, the Oracle Application Server, and development tools Jdeveloper and WebDB. The software firm's latest offering is a move to edge in on a market--packages of software specially geared toward a business niche-- that rival Microsoft already has a strong footing in.
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Microworkz hooks up with AT&T
Low-cost PC maker Microworkz announced today that AT&T will begin offering free Internet access to buyers of Microworkz's iToaster PC. Yesterday, Internet service provider EarthLink, which until last week had a deal with Microworkz, sued the PC maker over alleged non-payment of fees.
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