New technologies help viruses--and virus scares--proliferate

From DSL Internet service to handheld computers, malicious programmers are finding new ways to spread viruses and fear.

CNET News staff
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From DSL connections to Palm handhelds, new technologies are giving virus writers fresh opportunities to wreak havoc with your data--or needlessly scare the wits out of people.


Experts discount threat of video clip bug
Government and private cybersecurity experts say a rogue program masquerading as a sexually explicit video posed scant threat to security on the Internet.

Microsoft patch to block "Love"-like viruses
update The software giant releases a security patch for its Outlook email software to create stronger safeguards against virus attacks such as the recent "I Love You" outbreak.

Symantec broadens scope as viruses move beyond PCs
The company, which has historically focused on PC security, is developing technology for all handheld devices, from Palm personal digital assistants to cell phones.