New Sony Z Series headphones aim for audiophiles

Sony gets stylish with two new over-the-ear headphones aimed at those with discerning taste and deep pockets.

Jasmine France Former Editor
Sony Z1000 headphones
Sony Z1000 headphones Sony

LAS VEGAS--Sony launched its new Studio Monitor Headphone Series today at CES 2011. Among the four models in the line are two fairly stylish over-the-ear headphones with squared-off earcups and brushed metal trims.

The cheaper of the two is the MDR-ZX700, a $120 set that features a closed-back design and thick ear cushions in order to offer passive sound isolation. This model also has 50mm drivers for extra bass response.

At the higher end is the MDR-Z1000. This model, which is set to retail for $500, offers an ultradurable cable that can be detached from the left earcup as well as a magnesium housing for added toughness and balanced audio. It also features a liquid crystal polymer (LCP) film diaphragm that serves to produce highly accurate sound. (Because the material is so rigid, it lets sound pass through with no distortion.)

Like its cheaper sibling, the MDR-Z1000 is designed with sound isolation in mind. In addition, the padding inside the earcups is made of urethane cushions, which serve to relieve pressure and provide a comfortable fit.

Both pairs of headphones are set to go on sale on Sony's Web site this spring.

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