New servers racked up

Advanced Logic rolls outs a dual Pentium Pro server and a rack-mountable server based on the new dual design.

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Brooke Crothers
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Advanced Logic Research (ALR) has introduced a dual Pentium Pro server and a rack-mountable server based on the new dual design.

The company's symmetric multiprocessing Revolution Dual6 server supports either two 200-MHz Pentium Pro processors with 256KB of integrated cache or two of the higher-performance version of the 200-MHz Pentium Pro with 512KB of integrated cache.

The Dual6 server offers standard hot-swappable storage, eight expansion slots (four 32-bit PCI, one 32-bit EISA, and three shared PCI/EISA slots), 64MB of RAM that is expandable to 1GB of Error Checking and Correction RAM, and 365-watt redundant power supplies.

The Advanced Logic server also includes 14 storage bays, including a 3.5-inch floppy drive bay, 11 5.25-inch front accessible bays, one 3.5-inch front accessible bay, and one 3.5-inch internal bay. All storage devices use a 575-watt power supply that is available with optional redundancy for extended reliability and fault tolerance, the company said.

Integrated sensors monitors environmental information such as system and processor temperatures, fan operation, system voltage, memory faults, and chassis security via operating system applets such as software monitoring under Windows NT and Novell NetWare.

Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 is offered as a factory-installed option for advanced file and printer sharing, applications support, and communications and Internet/intranet sites, Advanced Logic said.

Pricing for the ALR Revolution Dual6 with one processor starts at $5,595.

Advanced Logic is also introducing the new Dual6 design into its Rack-Mountable Revolution Server series. This line of servers was originally introduced in June 1995.

The Rack-Mountable Dual6 44U model can support up to six Revolution Dual6 Pentium Pro CPU drawer units, the company said.

The Rack-Mountable line is targeted at information service managers and administrators looking to centralize multiple servers, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, and storage options in a single location. Also, system components can be quickly serviced since the slide-out drawers are easily accessible through the built-in slide rails and front-rear door access.

The Rack-Mountable Dual6 with one 256KB 200-MHz Pentium Pro is priced at $6,595. The Dual6 with one 512KB 200-MHz processor is $7,595.

The servers and rack-mount designs will be available in mid-October through resellers and major distributors, including Tech Data, Gates/Arrow and JBS Open Systems Distribution.