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New Mac Minis said to join rumored iPad Mini debut

This rumored Apple event for the iPad Mini could be crowded with, well, Minis. A new report says Apple will debut new Mac Minis, too.

Apple's current Mac Mini.
Apple's current Mac Mini

Next week's iPad Mini event, which remains a rumor at this point, may be bring another Mini product along for the ride.

Apple will also update its Mac Mini desktop computers, says Apple blog 9to5mac. The publication says Apple will stick with its existing lineup of two machines aimed at consumers and a server model. Those devices will be available "immediately" after the event the blog says.

Apple's Mac Mini was last updated in July 2011 with a bump to Intel's Sandy Bridge platform, the addition of Thunderbolt I/O, and the removal of optical disc drives across the line.

The unveiling event for that product, along with an iPad mini and now a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina Display are all rumored for October 23. All of those products are expected to be released before the holidays, in time for what is typically a busy shopping season.

Updated at 1 p.m. PT to correct erroneous product name mention in second paragraph.