New Android app aims to make drivers safer

ZoomSafer, a software solution aimed at businesses with company drivers, launches a new app for Android at CES 2011.

Jasmine France Former Editor

LAS VEGAS--With increasing numbers of laws going on the books in an attempt to curb unsafe texting-while-driving habits, it's no surprise that there are a variety of devices and apps that offer hands-free messaging functionality. ZoomSafer software aims to take things a step further by automatically detecting when you start driving and then disabling e-mailing and texting on your phone. Today, the company announced availability of its app for the Android OS.

Those who install the app on their devices have the option to configure ZoomSafer in a variety of ways. It can be programmed to trigger using in- vehicle telematics or via Bluetooth or GPS systems. While messaging systems are disabled, user-controlled options are enabled, including the ability to make and receive hands-free calls as well as the option to send an autoreply message to let contacts know you're driving.

While this sounds like a great idea in theory, the software neglects to address hands-free messaging, something that seems like a no- brainer for an app that's trying to solve the overall texting-while- driving issue. I can't see many individuals voluntarily installing ZoomSafer--and going through the set-up process, which sounds like it could be a bit convoluted. That said, it's more aimed at businesses with company drivers, and I can see how it might present a tempting solution for parents with teen drivers as well.