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NetServers, the next generation

Hewlett-Packard introduces the second generation of its NetServer line for small businesses.

Hewlett-Packard (HWP) announced today that it is launching its second generation of NetServer server computers for small businesses.

Hewlett-Packard's new servers are aimed at small businesses and remote corporate offices which don't always have computer management personnel on site. The new systems will include software that makes server management easier for non-technical staff.

The servers feature a Web browser interface, which enables users to view information about server configuration and other data at either the local site or from a remote location.

The new E Series also includes a "remote console," which is designed to allow off-site experts such as computer resellers to provide support for products they sell. Technicians at remote locations can dial in to the server and diagnose, reboot, or reconfigure the system, HP said.

Estimated street pricing for an E30 NetServer with 166-MHz Pentium processor, 16MB of memory, a network card, and a 2GB hard disk drive starts at $2,179.

The estimated street price of an E40, which comes with a 180-MHz Pentium Pro processor, 16MB of memory, a 2GB hard disk drive, and a high-speed 10/100BaseT LAN network card is expected to be $2,650.

An E40 with a 200-MHz Pentium Pro processor, 32MB of memory, a 10/100BaseT LAN card, and a 2GB hard disk drive is priced at $3,110. The E40 systems are expected to begin shipping worldwide in April.

In other news, HP also announced the Netserver LD Pro 6/200 will be available in April. The LD Pro is a corporate workgroup PC server with a Pentium Pro processor, up to 512MB of ECC memory, hot swappable disks, and up to 27GB of storage capacity. No pricing information was given.