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Netscape updates Communicator

The company will offer an incremental upgrade to its Communicator suite, version 4.05, for download next week.

Netscape Communications (NSCP) on Monday will release the next incremental upgrade to its Communicator suite, version 4.05.

The upgrade comes while the developer community is focused on the company because it released the source code for the next generation of its Communicator suite, version 5.0, hoping the move will spur programming innovation.

Communicator 4.05 contains Source code for the masses Java that is 30 percent to 50 percent faster, depending on the configuration and platform, according to Netscape.

It also features a Eudora Import Utility for Messenger on Win16 and Win32 and a Cosmo Player 2.0 on Win32.

The update is available now at Netscape's FTP site. On Monday, Netscape's download page will provide a special button linking to the site.