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Netscape extends legacy access

The company upgrades Netscape Extension, a package that links its Application Server software to mainframe transaction processing systems.

Netscape Communications today launched a new release of Netscape Extension for CICS/IMS, a software package for linking the company's Application Server software to mainframe transaction processing systems.

The software lets companies build large-scale intranet and extranet applications that link to existing transactional systems. The package will ship in June. No pricing was announced.

The new package was developed by using integration software vendor Insession's Transfuse technology that provides connectivity between Application Server and IBM's CICS, IMS, and Tandem pathway systems.

Released last February, Application Server 2.0 deploys business applications beyond a company's intranet to include partners, customers, and suppliers in business processes.

The server is the first to be delivered as a result of Netscape's recent acquisition of Silicon Valley start-up Kiva Software in a stock deal worth $179.5 million. The deal gave Netscape a high-end application server to add to its line of enterprise server products.

Netscape Extension also builds on the company's line of extensions built into the server that enables enterprise application integration. The suite of extensions enables integration with leading enterprise systems, including BEA Tuxedo and IBM MQSeries.