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Netscape expands Web tools for Mac

Netscape posts a new alpha version of its Site Manager, in an effort to strengthen its support for Macs.

Hoping to strengthen its support for the Macintosh, Netscape Communications (NSCP) has posted an alpha version of its Site Manager for Macs.

Site Manager provides Web masters with a visual, drag-and-drop environment for managing hyperlinks on a Web site. The program normally ships with LiveWire, a set of development tools that also includes Navigator Gold, a JavaScript compiler, and database APIs for creating server-side applications.

The Mac version of Site Manager has lagged behind other versions of the development tool for Windows 95, Windows NT, and Unix, all of which were introduced nearly a year ago. Although Netscape typically introduces its Mac and Windows versions of Navigator at the same time, Mac users often wait months to receive software, such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0, that is available to users on the more popular Windows platforms.

Testing of Site Manager is limited to subscribers to Netscape's developer program. The company will eventually offer a public beta of Live Wire for the Macintosh, including Site Manager and a Mac JavaScript compiler, but has not decided on a release date for it, said Rick Fleischman, senior product manager for tools at Netscape.