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NetManage fastest of the fast

NetManage gets top billing as the fastest of the fast-growing technology companies in Silicon Valley during the second annual Silicon Valley Technology Fast 50 awards.

SAN JOSE, California--NetManage, a software maker for corporate intranets, has won top billing as the fastest among the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in Silicon Valley.

The company, which saw its revenues soar to $125.5 million in 1995 from $427,000 in 1991, was recognized here last night during the second annual Silicon Valley Technology Fast 50 awards, sponsored by accounting firm Deloitte & Touche.

Companies topping the list of 50 were selected based on their revenue growth between 1991 through 1995. And all the companies will be entered into the national Technology Fast 500 later this year, said Mark Evans, national high-technology managing director for the event. (See next page for list of the top 20 companies)

"This year, we had 23 of the 50 companies from last year repeated on the list," Evans said. Network Peripherals took the top spot last year with revenue growth of 13,503 percent. The company ranked eighth this year.

"What we saw this year, based on 1995 revenues, was a higher number of semiconductor companies and semiconductor equipment makers on the list. They represented about 32 percent of the companies on our list," Evans said.

Although young companies typically tend to see revenue growth by leaps and bounds, eight firms with revenues beyond $1 billion also made the fast 50 list.

Forty companies on the list are publicly traded. The private companies supplied a certified letter verifying their revenues. "This year, we have more public companies on the list, which is indicative of the strong capital market we've had for technology companies," Evans said.

He added that the top five companies cited a common theme for their fast revenue growth: attracting the best people and getting them to work as a cohesive team.

QuickLogic, a semiconductor company, ranked second with its revenues climbing from $70,000 in 1991 to $15.1 million last year. Information Storage Devices ranked third, with $55.5 million in revenues last year compared with $294,000 in 1991. The company makes storage devices for products ranging from cellular phones to toys.

Semiconductor maker S3 ranked fourth with $316.3 million in sales in 1995, compared with $3.3 million a few years ago. Microbar took fifth with $10 million in revenues compared to $320,000 in 1991. The company makes closed-loop liquid chemical management systems for the semiconductor industry.

20 Fastest growing companies
in the Silicon Valley
Rank Company Name City
1 NetManage Cupertino
2 QuickLogic Santa Clara
3 Information Storage Devices San Jose
4 S3 Santa Clara
5 Microbar Santa Clara
6 Insync Systems Milpitas
7 Cidco Morgan Hill
8 Network Peripherals Milpitas
9 C-Cube Microsystems Milpitas
10 Sandisk Sunnyvale
11 Epic Design Technologies Sunnyvale
12 Pure Atria Sunnyvale
13 SMART Modular Technologies Fremont
14 Ventritex Sunnyvale
15 Chip Express Santa Clara
16 Identix Sunnyvale
17 Integrated Silicon Solutions Sunnyvale
18 Conductus Sunnyvale
19 Diamond Multimedia Systems San Jose
20 Electronics For Imaging San Mateo