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Net companies soaring

The Internet market is on a tear this week, led by companies like Yahoo and America Online.

The Internet market is on a tear this week, as the rising stocks of companies like Yahoo and America Online boost the rest of the sector. As the Dow hovers close to 9,000, investor confidence is driving Net firms ever higher, even those with continuing losses.

Net companies rival media giants
Wall Street is valuing some Internet firms, like Yahoo and AOL, as though they are pillars of American industry.

Yahoo drives the market
update News of the company's profits ripple through Wall Street, giving hope to other Internet stocks.

Network Solutions hits new mark
Buoyed by a ruling on domain registrations, Network Solutions' stock surges nearly 10 percent to a new 52-week high.

Short-sellers come up short
The bull market is putting the squeeze on short-sellers, brokers who borrow and sell stock with the hope they can later buy it cheap.

Yahoo traffic boosts profits
update The Internet directory doubles Wall Street's pleasure by posting earnings that were twice as strong as expected.

Why the Street loves
special feature Despite losing money with every passing quarter, the company remains a flagbearer for electronic commerce.