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NEC to offer new midrange server

The computer maker next week will announce a new midrange server designed to offer features found on more expensive machines.

NEC Computer Systems on Tuesday will announce a new midrange server designed to offer features found on more expensive computers.

The new MT2000 server will offer "high availability" data backup and data-redunancy features normally seen in higher-end machines and will be priced for the midrange market, NEC said.

The MT2000 is targeted toward small to medium-sized networks running business, database, and Internet applications. It will use the Intel 200-MHz Pentium Pro processor with a maximum of 512K cache integrated into the processor. The MT2000 will support up to 1GB of high-quality ECC (Error Checking and Correcting) memory.

Capable of supporting dual Intel Pentium Pro processors, the MT2000 is certified to run Microsoft Windows NT and Novell NetWare. The system will be available by the end of June.

The options NEC has built in to the standard MT2000 will be of particular importance for mission-critical or business applications. Availability can be further increased by choosing the RAID controller option.

Network connectivity will come through an integrated 10/100 Ethernet card. The MT2000 will include an integrated Ultra SCSI Disk Controller, with an option to add a dual-channel PCI Wide Ultra SCSI Raid controller.

Like other servers in the NEC Express5800 line, the MT2000 will be packaged with server management software. Estimated street price for a single 200-MHz Pentium Pro system with 32MB ECC memory is below $5,000, while a dual 200-MHz Pentium Pro system with 64MB ECC memory and a RAID controller will begin under $9,000.