NEC laptop is one of the first with Intel's 'Haswell' chip

NEC outs its laptop with Intel's 4th Generation Core, aka, Haswell chip.

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NEC has apparently jumped the gun, releasing the full specs of a laptop based on Intel's 4th Generation Core processor, aka, Haswell.

That processor, along with a crush of new systems, is slated for rollout on June 3 at Computex in Taiwan.

But NEC is talking specs already in Japan.

In addition to the Haswell chip (about which NEC provided little additional data), the LaVie L will sport a 15.6-inch IPS touch screen (1,920x1,080 resolution), 8GB of memory, 1TB hard drive with a 32GB solid-state drive cache, Windows 8, and Microsoft Office Home and Business.

The higher-end model is expected to be priced in Japan around 200,000 yen (a little less than $2,000) at retail in Japan.

Intel's Haswell announcement on June 3 is expected to bring a flood of desktop, laptop, convertible, detachable, and tablet announcements.

Haswell is mostly about better battery life and improved graphics performance. So, expect, for instance, Haswell laptops that last longer -- maybe a lot longer if other power-saving technologies are also used -- than today's latest and greatest offerings.

Haswell's Iris graphics chip will deliver a 2X (two-fold) 3D performance increase over the 3rd Gen Intel Core "Ivy Bridge" chips for both the U- and Mobile H-series processors designed for ultrabooks and higher-performance laptops, respectively, Intel said on May 1.

The first Haswell processors out of the chute are expected to be the quad-core variety aimed at high-end laptops.

At the other end of the spectrum will be a new variety of ultra-power-efficient Haswell chips that should allow PC makers -- and Apple if it so chooses -- to offer newfangled ultrathin designs with good performance.

And, like NEC's LaVie L, touch will be a big factor because of Windows 8.

NEC's touch-screen equipped LaVie L is one of the first laptops to be announced with a future Intel Haswell processor.
NEC's touch-screen equipped LaVie L is one of the first laptops to be announced with a future Intel Haswell processor. NEC

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