Musician-inspired headphones dominate CES 2011

No doubt about it, the latest trend in headphones is to make a stylish pair with a famous name attached to it. But when actual musicians get involved, the result is usually at least interesting.

Jasmine France Former Editor

House of Marley Rebel Music
House of Marley audio products turned heads at CES 2011. Click the pic for more musician-inspired headphones. House of Marley

LAS VEGAS--There's no denying it: the trend for headphones at CES 2011 was to have a musician's name attached to the product. Like it or not, the success of the Beats by Dr. Dre line from Monster has a lot to do with the current undercurrent in this market. Of course, one would hope that any earphones made in conjunction with a musical artist sound spectacular, and for many of those announced during this year's show, that remains to be seen. However, we can take a closer look at the exterior design featured by the models shown off in Vegas.

One thing that I can say right off the bat is that whether simply inspired by or fully endorsed, headphones and earbuds with musical names attached are sure to turn the heads of any fashion-conscious listeners. Every pair I saw over the past week offers some sense of style, whether sleek, colorful, earthy, industrial, or any combination thereof. It's beyond pleasing for me to see this marriage of earphones and fashion continue to progress.

But enough words--more pics! Check out the gallery below to get a closer look at some of the musician-inspired models from the show floor.

Musicians endorse headphones at CES 2011 (photos)

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