MSI teases three innovative proof-of-concept PCs

At CES 2010, MSI announces a series of concept products.

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LAS VEGAS--Alongside the recently announced Wind Top AE2420 configurable all-in-one desktop, MSI also used CES 2010 to announce a series of concept products, so we stopped by the MSI booth to check them out.

The group includes a 3D all-in-one PC with wireless glasses, another all-in-one with an LED display and a unique sliding design, and finally a fully built computer housed in a small projector. Before you start drooling, we should be clear that all three products are still only proof-of-concepts and have no further information or release dates...yet. Let's take a closer look at the three offerings.

All three products are still only proof-of-concepts, but we're most excited about the prospect of a 3D all-in-one PC. The unit on hand came with a 24-inch display and a pair of rubberized 3D goggles that use Bluetooth for a wireless connection to the system.

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The next tease is another all-in-one PC designed with the movement of a jellyfish in mind. Just as jellyfish expand and contract in the ocean, the LED monitor slides up and down to reveal a storage compartment for the keyboard when not in use. The system also includes an attractive wireless mouse that does triple duty as a remote control and an IP telephone.

Finally, MSI's Projector PC combines the utility of a fully functional computer with the convenience of an HD projector that allows you to display a 60-inch screen on any wall in the house. The computer also has a detachable stand in tow that makes it easy to rotate 90 degrees for viewing movies on the ceiling.


Check out the slideshow below for more pictures of all three concept computers.

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