Mpact destined for DVD

Chromatic Research's media system will be included in DVD add-in cards.

Chromatic Research announced that its Mpact media processor will appear in DVD add-in cards.

The Mpact media processor will provide E4's (Elecede Technologies) DVD cards with "home theater-quality DVD acceleration," enabling 30 frame-per-second MPEG-2 video, 6-channel Dolby Digital audio, SRS TruSurround audio spatialization, a player application, and the ability to decrypt copy-protected content for viewing.

The Mpact hardware and software system was developed by Chromatic and uses Intel's Pentium MMX technology to offer a low-cost system with high-performance multimedia capabilities. The technology can be used for video as well as graphics, videophone, and audio applications.

Chromatic, founded in 1993, develops both the chips and software used in the Mpact multimedia system. The chips are produced and sold by other companies while the "mediaware" used in specific applications--DVD, video editing, graphics--are sold by Chromatic.

E4 DVD cards will be sold to PC OEMs for inclusion in systems. The cards are expected to ship this month.