More departures from Apple

The company says Dave Manovich, senior VP of international sales, and James McCluney, senior VP of worldwide operations, are resigning.

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Two executives resigned from
Apple Computer (AAPL) today, according to the company.

Dave Manovich, senior vice president of international Dave Manovich sales, and James McCluney, senior vice president of worldwide operations, have resigned from the company to pursue other interests, according to Apple.

Manovich had been with Apple since February of this year. Mitch Mandich, senior vice president for North American sales, will serve as interim head of international sales, the company said.

McCluney had been with Apple since July 1996. Heidi Hedlund, Apple's senior director of operations product management, will serve as interim head of worldwide operations.

The company said it is conducting searches to fill both positions.

Manovich and McCluney are the latest in a line of executives to leave the troubled computer maker this year.

Last month, Guerrino De Luca, Apple's executive vice president of marketing, resigned from the company. De Luca had held the position since February.

In July, former chief executive Gilbert Amelio and former executive vice president of technology Ellen Hancock both resigned from the company.

In May, Apple's chief operating officer, George Scalise, resigned to become president of the Semiconductor Industry Association.

In February, Apple lost its chief contact with the development community, Heidi Roizen, vice president of developer relations. Later that month, four Apple executives left their posts as the company's founder, Steve Jobs, moved in. Satjiv Chahil, former head of corporate worldwide marketing; John Floisand, senior vice president for worldwide sales; and Fred Forsyth, senior vice president of Apple's Power Mac operations, also left Apple after it reshuffled its executive management team earlier this month.

Last month, Apple named cofounder Jobs its interim CEO until a new CEO is found. Apple said it expects to name a replacement by the end of the year.

In a statement released today, Apple's interim CEO Steve Jobs said he didn't expect the company to hit any "speedbumps" as a result of the latest departures. "We wish Dave and Jim well in their new endeavors," said Jobs in a statement.