Monster lures DJs with Beats by Dr. Dre Spin headphones

The cushiest new Beats put a twist on headphone design.

Jasmine France Former Editor

While the majority of Monster's announcements this year focused on portable headphones, the company didn't want aspiring and professional DJs to be left out in the cold. Enter the Beats by Dr. Dre Spin headphones, a cushy full-size set with all the style we've come to expect from the product line and a few unique twists.


For those who aren't familiar with DJing (or spinning, in case you're wondering where the naming came from), one important detail to know is that a DJ needs to hear both what is coming through the headphones and what is coming through the speakers. Due to this, most vinyl junkies continually push back one earcup to rest behind the ear. It is with this consideration that the Spin is designed with earcups that flip up and back toward the band, a useful solution that should make for a much more comfortable spinning experience.

The Spin headphones also have one more unique feature: there are headphone jacks in both earcups. This means that you can not only decide which cable configuration you prefer, but also daisy chain another set of headphones, allowing another listener a chance to hear exactly what the DJ is hearing. Applications for this seem fairly limited, but it will certainly appeal to some users.

These Beats offer removable earcups for easy cleaning as well as an extra-durable removable cable and Monster's ControlTalk. Black and white versions will be available for around $350.