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Microsoft's real-money Xbox Live transition a costly move

The prices consumers were previously paying for Xbox Live content are going up now that Microsoft is transitioning away from its Microsoft Points.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Microsoft's decision to ditch Microsoft Points in favor of real-world currency in Xbox Live might prove to be a costly proposition for consumers.

According to reports out of the U.K., where the feature is currently in beta testing, it costs more to buy content in real-world money than it did with Microsoft Points. Eurogamer, which previously reported on the issue, says that games that cost 1,600 Microsoft points used to set U.K. customers back 13.60 pounds ($20.25). Now, the titles cost 14.99 pounds. Similar price hikes were discovered on 1,200, 800, and 400 Microsoft Points.

Several Reddit posters, who are up in arms over the price increases, say that the games now cost about the same as their counterparts on Sony's PlayStation Network.

Microsoft has been quietly beta testing itstransition from Microsoft Points to real-world currency in its upcoming fall dashboard update. The move follows Microsoft's decision last year to ditch Points in Windows 8 in favor of credit cards and debit cards.

For now, only U.K.-based gamers are complaining about the change. It's not clear how the switch will affect gamers in other countries.