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Microsoft's Project Spark starts to glimmer

The app that turns gamers into developers will be available in beta on Tuesday for Windows 8.1 users, according to a new report. The full launch will be next year.

Microsoft's Project Spark, an ambitious attempt on the company's part to turn gamers into developers, is making its debut on Windows 8.1 on Tuesday.

The app, which will be available later today in the Windows Store, according to The Verge, will be in beta when it's launched. In order to actually start using the app, users will need to download the program and then input a special beta key to activate it. Microsoft has not said how many people will be allowed to test the beta, but has a section on its Project Spark page letting people sign up.

Project Spark was unveiled earlier this year at the E3 gaming expo. The idea behind it is simple: Microsoft would like to see the Xbox community create a slew of games and experiences for the Xbox One. All of the items in Project Spark have a "brain" that can be programmed to do whatever the developer would like. That could create a multitude of gaming experiences.

Project Spark is by no means the first platform to attempt to get gamers to create their own titles; they've been around for years and several console generations. Project Spark does, however, seem to be a bit more sophisticated than previous options.

A Project Spark beta on Xbox One will launch in January ahead of a full Project Spark launch late next year, according to the report.