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Microsoft's new home page goes 'Metro'

Microsoft is testing a new version of its site that may look familiar to Windows Phone 7 users.

Microsoft's preview of its refreshed home page.
Microsoft's preview of its refreshed home page.
Josh Lowensohn/CNET

Microsoft is testing a new version of its home page that completely changes its lineup of products and services depending on whether you're there for "work" or "home."

While the idea of a custom-tailored site is nothing revolutionary, Microsoft has managed to go about it in a rather creative way, making use of a Web-based variant of its "Metro" UI that has the page slide from side to side instead of reloading, or having users scroll downward. The same look and feel as can be found in Windows Phone 7 and the recently refreshed Surface computer, as well as in other Microsoft products like the Zune, Xbox 360, and the Windows Media Center software.

In order to make the change between the two versions of the site, users can click on a tab on the top right corner of the page. Clicking it again toggles it back.

As blog TechFlash notes, the updated version of the site also finally gets around to adding Microsoft's latest tagline, "Be What's Next," which leaked out back in June of last year, and made its big premiere this past weekend in video advertising during the Golden Globe awards.

Microsoft is currently testing the new look out as a limited preview, though you can opt-in to it by following this link. Once in, users are also able to opt out to go back to the current version of the site.