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Microsoft welcomed Nokia employees with a history book

The 128-page book was a gift highlighting the milestones of each company.


Nokia employees who joined Microsoft as a result of the recent merger received a surprise package to welcome them aboard.

Designed by a company called TCOLondon, a 128-page illustrated commemorative book was sent to former Nokia staffers last month on the day Microsoft and Nokia officially merged. Shipped to Nokia employees in more than 90 cities across 53 countries, the book was created as a keepsake gift to mark the joining of the two companies.

As described by TCOLondon, the "Day One" book "celebrates the two tech titans' history of innovation and the possibilities their new partnership holds." The red-and-gold-covered book opens with the message: "One thing will help us change the world again: You."

One page in the book highlights the vision of "a computer on every desk and in every home" as spelled out by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Another page tells the tale of Nokia's first handheld phone. Launched in 1987, Nokia's Mobira Cityman phone earned the nickname "The Gorba" after then Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev used one to phone home.

Along with the book, TCOLondon created an an animated video for the "Day One" global webcast to employees and a series of posters in eight different languages that appeared in factories around the world. As part of the "Day One" ceremonies, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella traveled to Finland to personally present Finnish President Sauli Niinisto with a copy of the book, according to TCOLondon.

"It was an exciting opportunity for TCOLondon to look deep into the culture of both companies, the impact their technology has had on our lives, and how they drive innovation," TCOLondon Special Projects Editor D'Arcy Doran said in a statement.

(Via The Verge)

Update, 9:26 a.m. PT: Added more information from TCOLondon.