Microsoft updates SkyDrive apps for Windows, Mac

The software company says that the updates will let users more easily access photos and increase the number of files that can be stored on the service.

Don Reisinger
Don Reisinger
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Microsoft's SkyDrive in action.
Microsoft's SkyDrive in action. Microsoft

Microsoft has pushed out some updates to its SkyDrive apps for Windows and Mac.

Arguably the biggest update is a new feature for the upcoming Windows 8 Release Preview. From within the Photos app in Windows 8, users will be able to find photos stored on other PCs with SkyDrive installed. Microsoft didn't provide too many details on the improvement, but did say it'll offer up some more information in the coming weeks.

In addition, Microsoft said that its SkyDrive users will now be limited to 10 million files in their folders. Previously, that limit was set to 150,000, throttling some "power users," the company said.

Aside from that, Microsoft's updates are by no means major. The company has stopped the OS X Lion version of the app from showing an app icon in the Dock when running. The SkyDrive folder also now supports faster updates when changes are made.

"Our primary goal throughout this preview period for our desktop apps is to really nail the fundamentals," SkyDrive Apps Group Program Manager Mike Torres wrote in a blog post yesterday. "This means we want the synchronization process to be fast and dependable, and for your SkyDrive folder to 'just work,' so that it simply feels like magic."

Microsoft's SkyDrive offers 7GB of cloud storage for free, and works across a number of operating systems, including iOS and Windows Phone. Users looking to add 20GB or 50GB of storage need to pay $10 or $25 a year, respectively. Microsoft's 100GB addition costs $50.