Microsoft Surface revenue comes in at $853 million

A regulatory filing shows the tech giant earned $853 in revenue from its Surface tablets. However, this is less than the $900 million write-down it had to pay.

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Microsoft revealed on Tuesday that it has earned $853 million in revenue from its Surface tablets since their debut last fall. This figure comes from an annual financial report that Microsoft filed with the Security and Exchange Commission.

While this number doesn't seem exceptionally low, it is less than the $900 million the company had to pay for Surface RT inventory adjustments and also less than the $898 million Microsoft paid for Windows 8 and Surface advertising.

Even though Microsoft revealed its revenue from the Surface tablets, it did not release the number of units sold or specify the individual revenue from either the Surface RT or the Surface Pro. However, Bloomberg reported in March that Microsoft had sold about 1.5 million Surface devices, including both Pro and RT. For comparison, Apple reported last week that it sold 14.6 million iPads in the last quarter alone.

Surface sales started off lukewarm and never really took off. The Surface RT went on sale last October and the Surface Pro became available in February. Earlier this month, Microsoft cut the prices on its Surface RT tablets by as much as 30 percent in an effort to boost lackluster sales.

However, things might not be so bad for the Surface tablets. According to a report on Monday, Walmart apparently just temporarily sold out of the discounted Surface RT devices.

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