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Microsoft posts video of Surface event online

The company is now allowing everyone to watch its entire presentation showcasing the new Microsoft Surface tablets.

Microsoft Surface surrounded by its covers.
Microsoft Surface surrounded by its covers.

Microsoft didn't allow video streaming from its Surface tablet event last night, but now it has delivered the entire presentation online.

"Watch an on-demand version of the full keynote where Steve Ballmer, Steve Sinofsky, and other Microsoft executives unveiled Surface, PCs built to be the ultimate stage for Windows," the video's description reads.

Microsoft's Surface has quickly become one of the most anticipated Windows 8 devices. It comes in two OS flavors -- Windows RT or Windows 8 Pro -- and boasts a 10.6-inch display. The Intel-based option, known as Surface for Windows 8 Pro, boasts an Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor, while the Windows RT model comes with an ARM-based chip. Surface Pro offers between 32GB and 128GB of storage; the ARM option comes in 32GB and 64GB configurations.

Surface is a rather interesting departure for Microsoft, which has historically relied upon third-party vendors to deliver the hardware while it focuses on software. In this case, Microsoft has become the hardware vendor, putting it in direct competition with Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and a host of other companies.

The Windows RT version is expected to launch in the fall with the launch of Windows 8. About 90 days later, the Surface Pro version of the slate will hit store shelves.

Update 4:32 a.m. PT to include more details.

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