Microsoft posts Build Conference videos online

The videos show everything from Steve Ballmer's keynote to information on building games for Windows 8.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the Build 2012 Conference in Redmond, Wash.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the Build 2012 Conference in Redmond, Wash. Jay Greene/CNET

Videos from Microsoft's Build Conference, an annual event for developers, are now online for anyone to check out.

Posted over the weekend to Microsoft's Channel 9 page, the videos deliver a great deal of coverage of Microsoft's four-day event, including CEO Steve Ballmer's keynote and sessions on developing programs for the company's new Windows 8. Microsoft has also posted videos of its Windows Phone 8-related sessions.

Ballmer's keynote was one of the more newsworthy highlights from last week's event. During his discussion, he noted that his company has sold 4 million Windows 8 copies since the operating system's launch last month. Ballmer also argued that the combination of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 delivers a "golden age of opportunity" for developers.

Developers could be an integral component in Microsoft's future success in the software market. Third-party mobile apps and desktop programs are key ingredients in expanding an operating system's value to customers. The more developers Microsoft can attract, therefore, the better its chances of catching up to Apple and Google in the mobile arena and retaining its massive lead in the desktop market.

Those interested in seeing more from Build can stream or download the videos at no charge.