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Microsoft outsources internal IT to Infosys

Help desk, desk-side services, infrastructure, and application support have been outsourced to the Indian firm.

Microsoft has outsourced its internal IT services--help desk, desk-side services, infrastructure and application support--to Indian outsourcing firm Infosys.

For Infosys, managing Microsoft's internal IT gives it a high-profile customer and insight to using the latest technologies from the software giant. Infosys will manage IT services for Microsoft employees worldwide. Microsoft has noted that Infosys is benefiting from a consolidation of services that were already outsourced to HP and others.

Specifically, Infosys is tasked with streamlining processes, simplifying support and service, and cutting costs by using Microsoft's own software, say Windows 7. Infosys will support Microsoft's applications, devices, and databases in 450 locations. Infosys has partnered with Unisys to deliver on-premise support and service desk capabilities.

Read more of "Infosys lands deal to manage Microsoft's internal IT services" at ZDNet's Between the Lines.

Update 11:29 a.m. PDT: Added a line about the Infosys move being a condolidation of existing outsourcing efforts.

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