Microsoft on the money

Neither the DOJ, nor Netscape, nor the Mac can stop Microsoft. Despite criticism from all sides, the software giant is thriving.

CNET News staff
Neither the Justice Department, nor Netscape, nor the Mac can stop Microsoft. The company's stock is trading at record levels, and it is reporting healthy quarterly earnings again.

Robust quarter for Microsoft
The software giant posts a 25 percent increase in net income for the quarter, fueled by strong demand for its products.

Dole, Bork battle Microsoft
audio | update Turning up the heat on Microsoft, Bob Dole and Robert Bork announce a group that intends to lobby against the software giant for allegedly anticompetitive practices.

Microsoft passes $200 billion mark
It's official: Bill Gates and the gang at Microsoft have marched into the $200 billion "market cap" club, joining General Electric, the only other company in this category.

Gates worth $50 billion
The Microsoft CEO's net worth now stands at about $50 billion, meaning he is worth more than the combined market value of Oracle, Sun, and Netscape.

Does Microsoft spread the wealth?
So what if Bill Gates's net worth is close to $50 billion? His company provided the greatest financial returns for his "pay," at least according to a Business Week survey.

Fortune: America loves Microsoft
Brace yourself, Mac lovers, Netscape top brass, and DOJ litigators: "America loves Microsoft," an Internet survey and phone poll by Fortune magazine claims.