Microsoft: Office 2010 SP1 coming this summer

The software giant plans to release the first service pack for the nearly year-old Office 2010 on time.

Jay Greene Former Staff Writer
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Jay Greene

Microsoft plans to deliver the first service pack for Office 2010 this summer, as scheduled.

"We are on track for delivering Office 2010 SP1 and SharePoint 2010 SP1 in mid-summer 2011," the Microsoft Office Sustained Engineering Team wrote in a blog post.

Office 2010 Microsoft

The company will release more details about the service pack, including a tentative release schedule, at its TechEd North America conference in mid-May in Atlanta.

The service pack will include language updates for 40 different localized versions of the productivity suite of software. It will also feature a collection of security fixes that have dribbled out since the product was introduced last May, and a few other security updates as well.

Office 2010 is the fastest selling version of the productivity suite. Microsoft also plans its first service pack for its SharePoint 2010 collaboration software as well this summer.