Microsoft mobilizes for XP

With the heat on for Windows XP's release, Microsoft sends reps to D.C. to nip Passport fears and plans a helicopter stunt for its delivery of code to computer makers. Sun's Java gets left behind.

CNET News staff
With pressure on for the release of Windows XP, the software giant gets busy, sending reps to Washington to allay privacy fears over its Passport authentication service and planning a helicopter stunt to coincide with the delivery of XP code to computer makers. The rush leaves Sun's Java in the dust. Microsoft defends Passport in Washington
The company heads to the nation's capital, trying to quell concerns its Passport authentication service poses a threat to consumers' privacy or security.
August 22, 2001 
Windows XP to descend on PC makers
Microsoft intends to deliver the new operating system to PC manufacturers Friday with an airborne publicity stunt.
August 21, 2001 
Windows XP rush bypasses Sun's Java
Sun Microsystems may have missed its opportunity to get the newest version of Java on PCs loaded with Microsoft's new operating system.
August 20, 2001