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Microsoft buy expands Visual Studio access

With DevBiz Business Solutions' software, indirect project collaborators can view development through Web without installing Visual Studio.

Microsoft on Monday said it has acquired DevBiz Business Solutions, a company that provides software to .Net developers. The purchase, announced during a keynote at the VSLive Visual Studio programmer conference in San Francisco, gives users of Microsoft Visual Studio 2006 Team System cross-browser Web access, Microsoft said in a statement. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

VSTS is a platform for developers, software architects, project managers and testers collaborating to build customized applications. Technology from DevBiz will enable developers to include people who have indirect roles in development and need to access Team Foundation Server but don't need a fully functioning version of Visual Studio. The new Web-based access application, a free download on DevBiz's site, is called TeamPlain Web Access for Team System.