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Micron caters to corporate

Micron is expanding its ClientPro line of desktop PCs to appeal more to corporate customers.

Micron Electronics (MUEI) said today it is expanding the ClientPro line of desktop PCs to increase their appeal to corporate customers.

Micron is now fleshing out its line of desktop systems for corporate markets by shipping systems that can be managed more easily by information systems personnel. Typically, corporations require systems and solutions that provide a low cost of ownership--that is, systems that cost relatively little to maintain and upgrade.

Micron says the all new models in the ClientPro MTA and MTE lines will feature Desktop Management Interface (DMI) support and the LANDesk Client Manager from Intel. DMI is an industry standard framework for managing desktop systems and servers. The LANDesk software allows a manager to conduct asset inventory, printer management, and software upgrades from a central location.

The MTA P133 with 133-MHz Pentium and 512K of cache, 16MB of memory, a 1.2GB hard disk drive, and a 15-inch monitor has a starting price of $1,699. Upgrades to 166-MHz and 200-MHz Pentium processors are also available.

The MTE series is targeted at business users who want higher performance for applications such as visual presentations and videoconferencing. The MTE models will be offered with either 166-MHz or 200-MHz MMX Pentium processors.