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Mergere looks to commercialize Apache Maven

Looking to replicate open-source business model of Gluecode, open-source company Mergere to launch services for Java development.

Start-up Mergere on Monday released an update and announced support services for a Java development tool based on open-source products from the Apache Foundation. Founded last year, Mergere sells support services to customers who use open-source tools called Apache Maven for managing development projects and Continuum, closely related Apache software for doing regular "builds," or compilations, and tests. With the system, companies will be able to more easily manage code written by internal developers and open-source code, said Mergere CEO Winston Damarillo.

Mergere will charge customers a yearly subscription for its commercial product and ongoing support services. It also has added business-oriented features to the base Maven and Continuum products, which are offered as part of the yearly subscription service. The business model largely replicates that of Gluecode, another company founded by Damarillo and eventually sold to IBM. Mergere now has three large corporate customers testing its products and services.