McNealy: Going for all the marbles

Late to the party, Sun Microsystems' CEO predicts his company's Web services plan can still whip Microsoft's .Net in the market.

Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy, well known for ribbing Microsoft, makes no apologies for unveiling his company's Web services strategy eight months after the company's archrival announced its .Net version.

Instead, at a press conference in San Francisco announcing Sun Open Net Environment (ONE), McNealy teasingly dubbed the Microsoft.Net Web project to turn software into a Web-based service "Not-Yet." At the same time, he defended Sun's dominance in the Web services market.

"We've been doing network services since we got started," he said. That was followed by a brief video where a weepy family in a hospital emergency room says their final goodbye to a dying PC.

McNealy touted Sun ONE products and development tools for their use of Java and XML.

"You can integrate in other pieces of technology other than our own," he said. "We will not do what Microsoft does. (With Microsoft.Net) it's not integratable; it's welded shut."