Mango now flowing to most Windows Phone users

Microsoft has fully turned on the tap for the new update to Windows Phone, making Mango available for the picking to just about every Windows Phone customer.

Lance Whitney
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Mango in action.
Mango in action. Josh Miller/CNET

Microsoft's Mango update is now fully ripe and available for almost all Windows Phone users.

The company confirmed yesterday via its Windows Phone blog that it's now made Mango available to "nearly everyone in the current delivery pool," meaning that Windows Phone 7.5 is being delivered across most of the major carriers in the U.S. and abroad.

As one example, Microsoft said it's now deploying Mango to LG Optimus 7 phones carried by Telefonica in Spain.

The company acknowledged that some carriers are still testing the update for a few phones but promised to speed up the delivery of Mango for affected customers once testing has completed. Windows Phone users who haven't yet received the update can check on the status of their carrier at Microsoft's "Where's my phone update?" page.

The decision to turn on the new 7.5 update throughout the rest of the world came ahead of schedule, according to the blog's author, Eric Hautala, general manager of customer experience engineering for Windows Phone.

Microsoft kicked off Mango around three weeks ago but started slowly, keeping a watchful eye on the rollout to ensure that all proceeded smoothly. By October 3, the company said that around half of all Windows Phone users had received and installed the update as it continued to make sure that no issues popped up.

Though the rollout has performed well globally, Microsoft said an issue with European carrier Orange has kept the update from being deployed at full blast to all its Windows Phone users.

Beyond getting Mango itself, some Windows Phone 7.5 users will start receiving notices for firmware updates from the phone manufacturers next week, the blog noted. Those updates have been designed to turn on new features in Mango or boost the performance of the phone itself.

The update may be forging ahead without any major glitches. But some Mango owners have reported at least one interesting bug in the new version--disappearing keyboards. Users are saying that their keyboards either fail to pop up or simply vanish when they're in the middle of a sentence. Microsoft confirmed that it's aware of the problem and is trying to get to the bottom of it.