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Managing PCs from afar

Computer Associates continues to push efforts to remotely manage PCs by promoting desktop standards from Intel and the Desktop Management Task Force.

LAS VEGAS--Computer Associates (CA) will continue to promote a recently-found open approach to enterprise management software systems by embracing several key desktop management ingredients.

At a news conference later today, the company will promote efforts to remotely manage PCs by promoting desktop standards such as Intel's Wired for Management specification as well as the Desktop Management Interface (DMI) from the Desktop Management Task Force, according to sources.

CA will be joined by Intel, as well as prominent PC manufacturers such as Toshiba, NEC, AST Research, Acer America, and Fujitsu.

CA will introduce a technology similar to IBM's Wake-on-LAN software that allows an administrator to remotely boot a PC through Unicenter TNG, CA's flagship software for managing applications, networks, and systems. Through DMI, Unicenter will also be able to gather more specific information using a Web browser.

The move follows the recent announcement by competitor Tivoli Systems of Applications Policy Manager, a new software component based on the Java programming language. The tool allows an administrator to enter and manage applications across a network in real-time.

Tivoli already enjoys a close relationship with Intel. The two have combined to deliver a specification to integrate local area-based management systems for desktops and servers with enterprise systems such as TME 10, another entry in the enterprise management software sweepstakes.

CA already enjoys integration with systems running processors from Advanced Micro Devices. (See related story)

The company also recently released a Remote Control Option for Unicenter TNG based on technology acquired last week from Avalan Technology.