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Making the PC and TV one

Computer companies continue trying to elbow their way into the television industry at the National Broadcasters Association convention.

Computer companies continue trying to elbow their way into the television industry, offering everything from new processors and set-top boxes to multimedia development software for next-generation digital TV at the National Broadcasters Association convention.

Sorting out the digital TV mess
A litany of disjointed announcements is generating a cacophonic buzz around the impending appearance of digital TV.

Cable leader calls for cooperation
Broadcasters and cable operators are told to cooperate with consumer electronics firms to build a viable digital TV market.

Intel, Microsoft team on TV-in-PC
update The two giants promote software that combines broadcast reception with online commerce.

FCC ushers in digital TV era
update Chairman William Kennard urges attendees to embrace a new era of digital television--because it's coming, whether they like it or not.

MCI, NBC prepare for HDTV
The telco will offer service trials later this year, while NBC decides its initial digital TV broadcasts will feature a lower-resolution signal.

450-MHz Pentium II for digital TV
As part of an effort to find new markets for its processors, Intel is demonstrating a future Pentium II processor running digital television.

Scientific-Atlanta licenses Java
The deal gives Scientific-Atlanta the rights to distribute PersonalJava, a slimmed-down version of Sun's Java, for digital set-top boxes.

Microsoft, Sony to hook up homes
The two companies will collaborate on technology to create a home networking environment that links PCc and consumer electronics products.

Jobs plays to broadcasters
Just weeks after news that Apple is working on a device combining TV and PC technologies, Steve Jobs touts QuickTime to the broadcast industry.

Compaq heads for the living room
The PC maker will compete against consumer electronics giants such as Sony as broadcasters enter the era of digital television.

RealNetworks does stream of deals
The streaming technology company gains speed again by announcing a slew of partnerships with the likes of HBO, CNN, and ABC Radio.

Windows CE takes step beyond PCs
The operating system will get real-time capabilities, another step toward expanding its scope beyond computers to such devices as TV set-top boxes.