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Makeover for Apple's Mighty Mouse?

Based on Apple patents, MacBlogz post hypothesizes on (and sketches out) potential changes we might see in a new mouse, including a multitouch trackpad to replace the button.

Is it time for Apple's Mighty Mouse to get a tune-up?

That's the question many people on the Internet are asking as MacBlogz has published images of what it expects Apple to do with the multibutton mouse. Extrapolating from Apple's patents on multitouch, MacBlogz's prototype features a sleek profile and aluminum body.

This mockup shows one vision of the Mighty Mouse's future. MacBlogz

The report notes that a 2007 patent application calls for an "arbitrary shaped grippable member" that would utilize positioning and multitouch detection to interpret a user's movement. Basically, it appears that the button would be replaced by a multitouch trackpad. "In essence, it would act as one seamless area from which a user could scroll and pan by dragging a finger over the device's surface," the report says.

The prototype's aluminum body is drawn from a parallel with the iMac and MacBook, which have shed their white, plastic shell for aluminum. The change in materials would also eliminate the build-up of gunk on the edges, the blog post suggests.

As far as shape goes, the prototype's lower profile would be "more versatile for complex gestures," while maintaining enough height to accommodate its batteries.

The mouse may be still be in the dream stage, but it's one Apple users would embrace.