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Mac Mini: I'm not dead, yet

A new report suggests Apple may not be ready to kill the Mac Mini, after a report earlier this week suggested the cheapest Mac was on its way out.

The Mac Mini might not be dead after all, as a new report suggests Apple might be adding Mini DisplayPort to the back of the computer.

Apple's Mac Mini might be getting a reprieve after all.

A few days after Gizmodo reported that European retailers believed the Mac Mini was heading for the exits, AppleInsider says the smallest and cheapest Mac hasn't left the building. Apparently a number of casinos in Las Vegas use Mac Minis to help run the ever-present security cameras in that city, and those customers believe that an update is around the corner.

One Las Vegas-based source who runs a collocation service based on the Mac Mini told AppleInsider that there are about 10,000 Mac Minis in use in Sin City. He believes that Apple is planning to release an updated Mac Mini in the near future that takes a few cues from the recent notebook launch, such as the addition of a Mini DisplayPort connection and the ability to address 4GBs of RAM.

If true, it would make sense that retailers were told not to expect any more of the older Mac Minis, in order to make way for the new models. The Mac Mini has been rumored to be on the way out more than once, and gotten up off the canvas each time. Apple might not yet be ready to part with the cute cube.