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LTE iPads arriving this week, reports say

Some buyers of the fourth-generation tablet are receiving notice that their devices have shipped and should arrive by Friday.

The fourth-generation iPad sports a faster processor and other changes.
Josh Miller/CNET
Some fourth-generation iPad buyers may receive the LTE version of the device as soon as Friday, according to new reports.

MacRumors and 9To5Mac are reporting that pre-orders of the cellular-enabled model iPad are now on their way to customers and should arrive at their homes this week.

The expected arrival date is largely in line with what Apple said when announcing the device last month. The Cupertino, Calif., electronics giant released the Wi-Fi-only version of the tablet on November 2, but the 4G LTE wireless model was slated to hit shelves a couple weeks later. The same was true for the iPad Mini, Apple's first smaller-screen tablet.

There were other reports last week that the LTE version of the iPad Mini also would ship soon. Apple reportedly contacted buyers of the device to inform them that it would be shipping within the next few business days.

Meanwhile, Apple's online store says the cellular model of the fourth-generation iPad will ship in seven business days while the Wi-Fi version is in stock. The iPad Mini, meanwhile, has a shipping estimate of two weeks for both the LTE and WiFi models.