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LTE-equipped iPad Mini, fourth-gen iPad now in stores

Sprint and AT&T announce the availability this morning, but caution that "limited quantities" are available.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Apple's iPad Mini.
Apple's iPad Mini. Josh Miller/CNET

Apple's LTE-equipped iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPad are now available in carrier stores -- at least some of them do.

Both Sprint and AT&T announced today that they're now carrying the devices. Verizon hasn't announced its own availability, but the company is also expected to be carrying the tablets in its stores today. The iPads are already available for immediate shipment on Verizon's site.

Apple launched the Wi-Fi-only fourth-generation iPad and iPad Mini on November 2. The company had promised last month when it announced both devices that it would deliver the LTE-equipped models "a couple weeks" after the Wi-Fi-only model. Apple has made good on that promise, despite reports suggesting it might not.

Still, supply issues may affect availability. Some Apple stores contacted by CNET said the cellular versions of the iPad Mini and new iPad would available for order on Apple's Web site at 10 pm and available for pick-up on Saturday. Still, others had iPads on hand in the store ready for purchase.

Customers looking to get their hands on the new iPads might want to act quickly. Sprint says it expects "limited quantities" to be available in its stores. Given the strong demand for nearly all Apple products, that will likely be the case at other carrier stores, as well.

The iPad Mini LTE comes in black and white versions, and will range in price from $459 to $659. The fourth-generation iPad with LTE starts at $629 and goes up to $829.

Updated at 1:55 p.m. PT: to include Apple's iPad availability.

Brooke Crothers contributed to this report.

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