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Lotus to ship new Organizer

Take note: The Organizer 97 GS upgrade to Lotus's personal information manager software will be made available next week at PC Expo.

Lotus Development will ship Organizer 97 GS, an upgrade to its Organizer personal information manager, Tuesday at PC Expo.

Organizer 97 GS works either as a standalone application or as a front end to Lotus Notes and Domino 4.5 groupware. New features allow viewing of up to 15 different calendars, drag-and-drop addition of schedule and contact information through the vCard and vCalendar standards, and two-way synchronization of information with the U.S. Robotics PalmPilot handheld device.

When Organizer 97 GS is used as a front-end interface to a remote Domino server, users can dial in and remotely update their Organizer files. When comparing schedules within a group, Organizer users can now compare up to 15 calendars simultaneously, Lotus said.

Organizer 97 GS requires 17MB of disk space. It will be available for $79. Registered Organizer 97 users can upgrade to GS for $49. French, Spanish, German, and Brazilian Portuguese versions will be available immediately, with other languages to follow in 30 days.