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Logitech Cube mouse offers clicks in a box

Logitech simplifies, streamlines mouse design with new Cube wireless touch mouse/pointer combo device.

Logitech cast aside all of our expectations for traditional mice with its new Cube design.


Gone are contoured molding and mechanical buttons, replaced in the Cube with a rectangular design and touch-sensitivity. The touch panel acts as the main mousing interface, enabled by what Logitech calls its Flow Scroll software.

Lift the mouse off your work surface and the Cube becomes a presentation device. Logitech doesn't mention a laser pointer in the Cube (perhaps in the Cube 2?), but it will at least let you click to advance through a slide deck.

If it doesn't have a laser pointer, the Cube at least has a laser sensor guiding the cursor in mouse mode. The Cube does not track your pointer when you're in presentation mode, though. In that mode, it only functions as a two-button input device for advancing through a slide deck and the like. Logitech does list a Unifying Micro-USB receiver among the Cube's details, which means the receiver is not only tiny and suited for travel, but it will also work with up to six peripherals in the Logitech Unified devices family.

When the Cube ships this month, it will sell in variations of black or white, for a suggested $70.