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Linux server specialist updates line

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Stephen Shankland
, which specializes in servers running the Linux operating system, will announce two new products and a new executive in charge of operations, Will Thomas, at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo on Tuesday. The Relion 130 and 240 both are reck-mountable machines that accommodate a pair of Intel's Xeon server processors by using Intel's E7500 chipset. The 130 is 1.75 inches thick, and the 240 is 3.5 inches thick but has more hard drive capacity. The 130 costs $3,046 for a system with two 2GHz Xeon processors and 512MB of memory, or $7462 for two 2.4GHz processors and 6GB of memory; the 240 ranges from $3,490 to a high-end machine at $7,462.

Formerly, Thomas was chief executive of Nominum, a company that provided hosting and other services related to the Domain Name System, or DNS, which links Internet servers with their numerical addresses.