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Linux: Not for everyone?

As IBM and Sybase forge forward with Linux support, the enterprise resource planning market is divided as to whether the OS is ready to run mission-critical applications.

IBM is aiming its application server at the mushrooming Linux market and Sybase says it is making the open source OS a priority. But the enterprise resource planning industry is split, with some companies porting their products to Linux, while others question whether Torvalds's creation is really ready for prime time.

Is Linux ready for prime time?
news analysis While SAP and Oracle are rushing to support Linux, their business software-making rivals say the operating system is unproven and not yet ready to run mission-critical applications.

Sybase says Linux now a priority
Sybase plans to ship a fully supported, feature-complete version of its flagship database for the Linux operating system.

Sun, IBM aim app servers at hot markets
Sun hopes to capitalize on the Net craze with a spruced-up NetDynamics application server, while IBM plans to exploit the growing Linux movement with a new application server release.

Linux future includes handhelds too
Linux is moving into high-powered, multiprocessor systems and supercomputers, but founder Linus Torvalds says developers must also focus on smaller, less glamorous systems.

Linux leaders downplay splintering
Software distributors acknowledge the problem at LinuxWorld, but they don't fear the operating system will become saddled with different versions.

Oracle: Brave new world of Linux, Java
Linux and Java will form the core of a new paradigm in the computing world, an Oracle exec says at the LinuxWorld Expo.

Sun gives away major chip designs
update Sun Microsystems will give away core chip technology, mirroring the open computer code movement in the Linux world.

Portals for Linux open up
The surge in interest in the Linux operating system is spurring development in another area: Internet portals for Linux users.