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LG's top full-array LED gets thin bezel, panel

The LG LW9500 series is LG's highest-end model for 2011, wrapping the improved Nano backlight scheme in a thinner bezel and cabinet.

LG's flagship LW9500 packs scads of features, and a full-array local dimming backlight, into a thin frame. LG

Update March 29, 2011 LG has announced that this series of TVs, along with the LW7700 series, will not be released. Instead the company tells us that it will release another series (or maybe more than one)--featuring the full-array local dimming Nano backlight detailed below and using passive 3D technology and not active--in mid-September 2011. We expect to hear more details closer to the products' launch. In the meantime we're keeping the information below for reference since we expect the new models, whatever their model names end up being, to closely resemble the ones here.

LG's highest-end LED-based LCD for 2011, the LW9500 series, delivers the company's purportedly improved full-array LED backlight scheme, called Nano, within its thinnest cabinet yet.

That cabinet, which LG is calling its "thinnest design with ultraslim bezel," is the main difference between the 9500 and the step-down Nano-equipped 7700. LG's press info didn't include any measurements, however, so we'll have to wait till the company tells us--or we can get at the TVs with a tape measure--to see just how slim that cabinet truly is.

The 9500 also has a 480Hz refresh rate as opposed to 240Hz on the 7700 (we don't expect to see much difference between the two based on this spec).

The LW9500 series comes in 55- or 60-inch sizes, and is otherwise essentially identical to the LW7700 series according to the press release. Check out our write-up of the LG LW7700 series for more details.

Pricing and availability were not announced.

LG Infinia LW9500 series features:

  • Full-array local dimming LED backlight
  • passive 3D compatible
  • THX certified for 2D and 3D (pending)
  • Magic Wand remote
  • Smart TV with NetCast and Web browser
  • Wi-Fi USB dongle included

LG Infinia LW9500 series models:

  • LG 55LW9500: 55-inch
  • LG 60LW9500: 60-inch