LG to quadruple OLED panel production in December

LG Display is set to ramp up its OLED production next month, producing four times as many panels and bringing down prices on LG's OLED TV range.

Jaehwan Cho Staff Reporter, ZDNet Korea
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Jaehwan Cho

Seamus Byrne/CNET

LG Display, the display-making affiliate of LG Electronics, is on track to ramp up production of OLED panels in December.

The company is already producing OLED panels at its M1 line at its factory in Paju, South Korea, which has a maximum production capacity of 8,000 glass substrates per month.

Now, LG is preparing to start operations of its M2 line, which could produce up to 26,000 OLED panels per month when fully operational.

The M2 line is an 8th generation line, meaning it cuts 2,200x2,500m substrates into panels. The larger the glass substrate, the less waste material produced, meaning LG will cut costs in making panels. The M2 line will produce 55-, 65- and 77-inch panels.

At maximum output, the two lines will produce as many as four times more OLED panels per month than currently possible, though LG will likely moderate production speed to balance it out with demand. Higher output will dramatically reduce the costs of producing OLED panels.

An LG Display spokesman confirmed that the M2 line will start operations before the end of the year, but said a fixed date has not been set.