Korea court delays Apple's iPhone, iPad ban

The court says that it will wait to enforce the ban until Apple's appeal concludes, according to a Bloomberg report.

Don Reisinger
Don Reisinger
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A South Korea judge in Seoul today granted Apple's request to stay an injunction against its iPhone and iPad.

According to Bloomberg, which spoke with a spokesman for the court, a judge in the Seoul Central District Court decided to keep the iPhone and iPad on store shelves until Apple's appeal process is concluded. If Apple loses that appeal, it could very likely see its products banned from sale in South Korea.

The injunction was imposed on Apple's products back in August when the Seoul court ruled that Apple and Samsung violated each other's patents. In addition to damages amounting to several thousand dollars, the court ordered Apple's iPhone 4 and iPad 2 be banned from sale. Samsung's Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus, as well as the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1, were also ordered to be banned.

Samsung has so far not requested a stay on its sales ban, according to Bloomberg's source.

South Korea is just one of many battlegrounds Apple and Samsung have decided to war on. Earlier this year, Apple won a major victory in a San Jose, Calif., court that could pave the way for the company to receive more than $1 billion in damages, and block the sale of several Samsung products in the U.S. when a hearing on Apple's victory is held later this year.

Elsewhere around the world, neither Apple nor Samsung has been able to take the high ground. When one company wins a case, the other quickly appeals or wins another. Still, there's no end in sight to the lawsuits. Just last month, Samsung said that it would roll the iPhone 5 into yet another lawsuit.

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